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This is the year 2020. And HÖST suddenly appears after 23 years of silence.

HÖST is a musicproject from Linköping, Sweden, (melodic death/black metal). Formed in 1994 by Filip Leo as a onemanproject. 3 Demotapes was released in 1995, 1996 and 1997. The summer of 2020 a new recording is coming to life and the 17th of October 2020 it´s released on CD and all streaming services worldwide. All music written by Filip Leo and guitars and bass and some vocals performed by Filip Leo. The new recording includes leadvocals from Pehr Severin and drum-programming from Mathias Kamijo.

Here you can listen to the album on Spotify

How to order HÖST "The heart of October", within Sweden

Send 125 SEK through SWISH to 123 345 5193, Add message: HÖST+NAME+ ADDRESS

If you live in Sweden and don´t use SWISH, just text us, DM, PM or mobile: 0733196098 and we can solve payment and order info through invoce


How to order HÖST "The heart of October" from countries other than Sweden.

We´re working on a solution to take your orders and more info will come here asap.

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